Connecting Advisors to Investment Products

and Investment Property Owners (IPO's)

Efficiently Find Vetted Investors and Investment Opportunities

Providing Advisors
with Vetted Investors

Member Benefits
Advisor specific tools for closing sales with Investment Property Owners (IPOs).

Predictive Analytics 
Predictive analytics utilizing dozens of data sources and analyzing thousands of data points creates a highly qualified opportunity.

Branded IPO Package 
Consistent brand image driving a first impression.
Not offering oriented for easy compliance approval.

1031, QOZ, & Alt
Product Listings

Dynamic Product Listings
Search and Sort Listings by Asset Class, LTV, Initial Distribution, Available Equity, and more.

Detailed Product Information
Access detailed information including Loan Terms, Minimum Investment, Closed Investments, PQ Reservations, Photos, Maps, and Videos.

Saving Advisors Time

Focal Point serves as your virtual wholesaler. Providing you with up-to-date information and available 24/7 without having to make a phone call.